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Gypsy Kings

Gypsy Kings

Gipsy Kings consist of two sets of brothers: the Reyes (Nicolas, Canut, Paul, Patchai, André) and Baliardos (Tonino, Paco, Diego). Both groups consisted of children of Spanish gypsy families who had fled to France to escape the Civil War in Spain. They grew up roaming the south of France, working the crops and playing music.

Jose Reyes - The father of the band Los Reyes - sang alongside guitarist Manitas de Plata and did much to popularize flamenco internationally: John Steinbeck, Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso, Miles Davis and Salvador Dali were among the fans of the duo. Joseph was separated from Handyman in the 1970 and formed the Kings with their teenagers. His death devastated the Kings and they ended incidentally finding the Baliardos who performed the pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Marie de la Mer Gitan. On that warm evening, playing guitar, sharing songs and wine, the history of the Gypsy Kings began.Gypsy Kings
Initially, the Kings and Baliardos, acted in the streets of Cannes, played weddings and parties with their young music and flamenco-flavored mixture of Western pop and Latin rhythms.

When an American admirer told them his name "Kings" in English pronounced "The Gypsy", they realized they were born to be Gipsy Kings.

In 1987, their self-titled debut album introduced the world to “Rumba Gypsy” and “Bamboleo” by the Gipsy Kings were a huge international success. Since then, The Gipsy never stopped singing around the world.

Today the Gipsy Kings still live with their families in southern France. Life may have changed for them - and not looking in the streets or pick crops when times are hard or travel in caravans - but still, at heart, they remain Gypsies, the proud descendants of an ancient people who seduced the world with music and dance. The Gipsy Kings continue their epic musical journey.



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