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Hugo Salazar

Hugo Salazar

HUGO Salazar Anglada was born in the city of Seville on March 8, 1978.

Since childhood she has lived in her house. His mother from an early age took him to the trials of the choir of the brotherhood, choir to which she belonged. With 8 years already appears in the cover of the album Campanas de la Giralda. With this choir he participated, among others, in the wedding of the Infanta Elena in Seville, as well as in the Pontifical Mass of the Rocio. Also, participated with them in the recording of three albums.

Along with his friends Juan David and Chano formed the group Cambayá, with which he acted for Seville in bars party rooms and in the fair. With him he played in Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián.

Hugo has always opted for flamenco and feels like a singer; South music likes almost everything; Apart from flamenco you love groups of the style of Albahaca or the new flamenco of El Barrio and Barbería del Sur. Of other musics, he likes the author, especially Serrat, Milanés, Manolo García and Sabina. He plays the guitar perfectly.

Hugo did not intend to dedicate himself professionally to the music; He did not even point to Operation Triumph; It was her Aunt Rosario and her cousin Rocío who did it. The casting was on Monday after Feria and Hugo was completely afónico, so he decided not to go. On Wednesday Hugo accompanied a friend to the casting and asked those of the organization to let him do the test he had not done on Monday. His passing through Operation Triumph gave him experience and great learning. He was a finalist of the program and obtained a good fifth position.

At the end of the contest, in March 2003, he recorded the single "El Templo de tu cuerpo" ("The Temple of Your Body") with which he must sell 200,000 units for the Academy of Artists to grant him the recording of his first album. On Wednesday, May 7 of the same year, Hugo received the news of the sale of more than 200,000 copies of the same and was given delivery of the 4 platinos. The single continued on the best-selling singles list (AFYVE) until almost two months after reaching that number.

On July 7, 2003 he released his first album: "The Hero of Your Life" produced by MUXXIC. Hugo premieres as a composer in several courts and also contains 12 unpublished tracks produced by José Ramón Florez. This work of Hugo is full of pop records where it is possible to emphasize the theme "What you want I am" composed by Antonio Orozco, among others. Hugo has participated in the composition of several songs, especially in "The hero of your life" that gives name to the disc.

While taking his first job and signing and promoting it, Hugo performed with his colleagues, OT2 and Generación OT concert tours with which he toured Spain. During the summer of 2003, Hugo realized a summer tour with his new album that takes him to scenes of Madrid, Alicante, Seville, etc.

On November 6, four months after its release, the Muxxic label, Gran Vía Musical, presented the Platinum Album with sales of more than 100,000 copies of "The Hero of Your Life". The event was held in the Hall of Columns of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, and among the other winners were artists like Marta Sánchez, Antonio Orozco, Miame Sound Machine, Sober, and even his companion Academy, Vega. The presenters of the event, Tonino and Juanjo de la Iglesia, presented him with these words: "We present an artist who could very well represent all those young talents who try to find a place in the difficult world of music. The greatest media phenomena in the history of our country, Hugo has managed to maintain the perfect balance between classical and modern. Versatile and all-terrain, since, I grabbed, the same thing gives him singing accompanied by a piano, that by the section String of the Bratislava orchestra, has managed to sell more than 100,000 copies of his first album, The Hero of Your Life ... With you ... HUGO ".

On December 20 he travels to his native Seville, to a Dial concert in the Palenque that he will close himself with a small acoustic that will be the beginning of his winter tour. From there, they could enjoy their voice in Andorra, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Manresa. Which made it compatible with his presence in much of the concerts of the Tour Brugal Dial Brugal Dial.

On May 15, Hugo performs at the Café Mix in Stockholm (Sweden) in the company of the Spanish community in the city due to Ramón's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. From there it connects with the special program "Todos con Ramón" that was being broadcast live in Spain. Hugo could see that his music also likes outside our borders.

On July 16, 2004, while preparing his second album, Hugo began his summer concert tour in Madrid before an audience eager to hear his voice. This would be followed by other scenarios such as Murcia, Madrid, Castellón and several in Seville. Your summer tour would close

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