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Celebrity Advertising

Grupo Totalisimo gives you the opportunity to sign up Artists, Celebrities and famous people for the advertising and communication industry, whether as brand image, brand association or representative of a specific advertising campaign.

Renowned personalities have been frequently used in communication campaigns throughout the history of the advertising industry, and nowadays this trend is reinforced by the increasing number of companies who employ famous faces to enlarge their consumer base. This is a very successful combination in the advertising industry since it associates the product’s features with the life style and fame of the celebrity.

At present Celebrities have become mass phenomenon and role models among the population; whether they are singers, actors, models, athletes… their aim is to maintain a recognized career path and a positive image through the public, and for this reason the relationship advertising-celebrity is advantageous for both parties.

Grupo Totalisimo gives support in advising and searching for the appropriate Celebrity, the one who better fits with the type of product, and makes sure that his/her fame in the medias makes him/her the most suitable profile for the ad campaign as required.  

The main features required are familiarity, proximity and confidence, though it may vary according to the type of product and the broadcasting media.

.Celebrity Advertising

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